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Policygenius Review: 1# Way To Best Plan For Your Future


Policygenius review


I want to save you the hassle of shopping hours for an affordable insurance quote online; with this great offer of a detailed analysis of policygenius – a customer choice online insurance marketplace.

Through my research on this online insurance marketplace, it’s incredible how out of a thousand reviews on policy genius, 90% were good.

On the other hand, the remaining 10% of bad reviews may be due to a lack of insight into how an online insurance marketplace provider works; also, there might be a slight misunderstanding between the insurer, issuer, or third party.

Hence, this article would distinguish you from these individuals by giving you insight into:

▪ What is an Online Insurance Marketplace Provider

▪ What is Policy Genius

▪ Insurance Quotes issued by Policy Genius

▪ Easy steps to register on Policy Genius

▪ Features of Policy Guide

▪ Q&A

What is an Online Insurance Marketplace Provider

An Online Insurance Marketplace provider gives you a comparative insurance quote from various types of insurance providers to pick an affordable rate at the comfort of your home. For example, Policy Genius

Also, quotes can be real-time or estimated; thus, after you’ve entered the required information on your online insurance provider, you would be given the insurance quote to choose from.

However, before the insurance industry ventured deeply into establishing an online presence, insurance agents would have to travel from one place to another to meet their clients’ demands in the aspect of bargaining for an affordable insurance quote, though people still prefer one on one discussion with their agents.

What is Policygenius

Policygenius is an online insurance marketplace that provides a real-time and estimated quote comparison to their clients to choose from; also, they partner with only prominent insurance companies.

NB: Sometimes when you contact the insurance company and the price is different from the one offered on the website. Now, this is caused when historical data from insurance companies and artificial intelligence are used to estimate your payment.

Policygenius is more like an unaffiliated insurance broker that provides affordable insurance quotes to consumers, after having filled in the required information requested by them. In other words, they save you time, money, and the stress of research.

Further, Policygenius was founded in 2014 to help you get insurance right by making it easy for you to understand your options, compare quotes, and buy a policy in one place.

Insurance Quotes Issued by Policygenius

▪ Life Insurance

▪ Homeowner Insurance

▪ Renters Insurance

▪ Auto Insurance

▪ Disability Insurance

▪ Pet Insurance

▪ Wills and trusts

▪ Health Insurance

▪ Identity theft Insurance

▪ Travel insurance

▪ Jewelry insurance

▪ Long-term care insurance

▪ Vision insurance

How to register for an insurance quote on Policygenius

Policygenius offers a lot of insurance quotes as mentioned above, however, I will focus on getting a life insurance quote

When you open Policygenius, you would see different types of insurance: life, home, auto, disability, wills and trust, and renter.

Click on life. When you click on life there will be a small box where you would insert your age. Insert your age and click on get a free quote

Then you will be directed to this page that contains the following options

You can choose anyone you want but in this illustration, I will pick comparing quote

Now, Policygenius would like to know a little more about you. Thus, choose the information applicable to your need

The next stage is choosing coverage for your life insurance

After you have chosen the coverage, you will fill in some basic information about yourself: your gender, date of birth, zip code, and if you are currently a US citizen or permanent resident.

Further, you will be asked to input your

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Tobacco usage in the last 5 years
  • Medical history
  • License seizure in the last 5 years

NB: you can use your email to save your registration progress

Now, you would be given different estimates to choose from ranging from 10 years to your Whole life. Choose the year you desire to cover for

Once you’ve chosen the number of years you’d like to cover, you will be directed to another page of the same website to input your name, email, password, phone number, and how you heard about them.

NB: Policygenius licensed experts to work for you, not for the insurance companies. Thus, their advice is unbiased.

After you’ve inputted that information, your application would be submitted for review

Features of Policygenius (Review)

Through my research on the reviews, customers give on Policygenius services it is appropriate to give the following enlightening features to you.

In-depth research on the type of insurance quote they offer

Policygenius provides in-depth knowledge and information on the type of insurance you want to cover; also, it advises you on the best offer to choose while comparing insurance quotes.

Also, their content follows strict guidelines for editorial accuracy and integrity.

Thus, it is very important that you critically go through the related articles provided by Policygenius to understand their offers and ask questions where necessary.

Referral program

Do you like referral bonuses? Policygenius offers Amazon Gift Cards for every successful referral. In other words, it’s a share and earns referral program. For life insurance you get a $100 Amazon e-gift card; for Home & Auto get a $50 Amazon e-gift card.

Affordable quote

Policygenius provides very affordable estimated insurance quotes for their clients to choose from. Also, it is important to note that insurance rates can vary as the market fluctuates, as well as when shoppers’ information changes.

Also, prices depend on the duration of the policy and on the coverage amount a client opts to get.

Despite this, these affordable prices are to ensure that you have saved money for other important expenses.

Comfort-oriented and professionalism

Policygenius provides seamless services that enhance a comfortable shopping experience for clients. Also, the licensed expert assigned to provide these services to you are paid salaries not commission which promote excellent professionals from these experts.

In other words, these licensed experts are more of a guardian to you than a salesperson – who persuades you to buy a product.

Live chat

Policygenius did a very intense recent survey on their clients -something every business must carry out to understand their clients better- on how they prefer their home and auto insurance claims to be handled, either by AI or humans.

After this survey, It had been concluded that consumers still appreciate the human touch depicting technology efforts to make policy distribution, pricing, and claims more efficient.

Hence, using this as a yardstick, Policygenius offers personal licensed assistance through their live chat to answer any related questions to the services they offer. This live chat feature gives Policygenius a customer-friendly image.

Reliable tools for calculation

Further, Policygenius provides reliable insurance tools for the calculation of the estimated amount to be spent using your annual income. These tools encourage saving and better planning and budgeting; also, a good comparison of insurance quote costs.

For example, for life insurance cost, you would enter your age, gender, zip code, term length, coverage amount, and the type of policy to get an estimated insurance cost.

Term life insurance without medical exam

Recently, Policygenius offers life insurance without a medical exam, all you need is to answer the questionnaire, and after that, you can get your policy. This was promoted through its partnership with SimplySelect™

Limited partnership

However, Policygenius only offers affordable quotes from well-known partners, not niche brands or lesser-known insurance companies.

In other words, they only provide insurance rates from those they partner with. Thus, you might find a good rate from an insurance company that doesn’t partner with Policygenius.

Hence, when signing up to shop on Policygenius for insurance quotes your choice is limited to the companies Policygenius partnered with.

However, sometimes you could get an expensive life insurance quote due to severe health conditions -for instance, heart problem, diabetes- on Policygenius.

Yet this doesn’t mean that there are no other companies that deal with this risk, the best option is to do more research for a better quote.

Also, I discovered something amazing while going through the customer reviews. Whenever there’s a complaint about their poor services, Policygenius sends a personalized solution and helps to answer your query.

However, despite Policygenius’s imperfections, they are very reliable; also, they still provide quality services to their clients.


Do I need insurance coverage?

Life is not certain, no one knows tomorrow. Therefore to protect yourself from unexpected occurrences, you must invest in insurance coverage to prevent unforeseen events that put you in debt. Like car accidents, death, severe health problems, theft, etc. Policygenius is available with affordable coverage.

How do I contact Policygenius?

You can contact Policygenius customer support Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. Also, you can chat with a representative online who is active 24/7; further, you can send an email to them.

How do they get their revenue?

Policygenius gets the revenue from the companies they partner with. In other words, they receive a commission whenever you use the insurance companies they recommend to you while maintaining an affordable rate for you.


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