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Fiverr Vs. SEOClerks: 2 of the best Marketplace For Endless Possibilities

Fiverr Vs. SEOClerks

Fiverr Vs. SEOClerks

The internet has dominated most of our activities from its invention till date and in the future. Now, you don’t need to be physically present in a market to order whatever you need, and also, you don’t need to be physically present in an office wearing a suit and tie to serve your boss’ needs. 

  • You can from the comfort of your home, place an order on the digital market to meet your online business ends, as well as promote and monetize your skills even now!! Many existing digital marketplaces can help you and your business generate revenue, in this article, we shall discuss Fiverr and SEOClerks.

Despite this review, you can still play around with these two to get the best services for your business. 

Fiverr Vs. SEOClerks

Marketplace Price range  Payment option Services  Seller levels Service promotion Service pricing
Fiverr Minimum of $5 and a maximum of $995 No crypto payment option Expensive SEO service They have 5-6 seller level Use resources like blogs to know how to promote your gig More additional services you can charge for than SEOClerks.
SEOClerks Minimum of $1 and a maximum of $999 Crypto payment option You can get an SEO  service as low as $1 They have 4 seller level Service promotion options when creating a service Discount, guarantee, and affiliate options are available.


Overview of Fiverr

Fiverr Vs. SEOClerks

Fiverr is a digital marketplace where people with creative talents and skills monetize their services for interested buyers to purchase. The services provided by these freelancers vary according to the buyers’ needs. Thus, it is a digital marketplace that guarantees a win-win experience for registered freelancers and interested buyers.

As a buyer, you can order a quality service that would boost your company’s revenue and as a seller (freelancer) you can provide a quality service of what you are passionate about as a beginner or expert and get patronized. 

However, some buyers and sellers also face setbacks sing the Fiverr platform and some of these problems are:

  • Poor quality service from some sellers
  • Lack of instant payment from Fiverr (you would have to wait for 14 days)
  • Unprofessionalism displayed by the buyers, and much more

Despite its setbacks, the upside of using Fiverr to promote and search for freelance services is high, thus, don’t be afraid to give it a try because the risk is worth taking.

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr works for two different persons (the freelancer and the buyer). Fiverr also makes it easy for buyers to search for the specific services they require – this is why sellers (freelancers) are required to niche in specific industries to display authenticity to their sellers. 

Freelancers with specific services rank better in the Fiverr algorithm, if your services are not clear, you as a seller won’t rank on Fiverr. Fiverr provides the following services:

  • Graphics and designs
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

Despite the above-mentioned services, you can still be more creative and specific in your search for freelance services that are not related to the category of services and find results. For example, dog training freelance service.

For buyers, you research the freelance services you need, place your order and connect with the freelancer. Fiverr charges 20% of every transaction when the order is completed and confirmed by the buyers.

As a seller, you would have a registration process to go through to create your gig and promote your creative skills. Fiveer also provides resources for new buyers that would help you succeed as a freelancer on Fiverr.

What is a Fiverr gig?

A Fiverr gig is a specific service offered by the freelancer to the buyer. As a seller, you are required to create a gig to sell your service. The pricing of the gig ranges from $5 to $5000 depending on your need as a buyer, and also, as a seller, you can attach additional costs for extra services provided. For example, if you’re providing a writing service, you can charge for extra revision. 

So how do you create a gig on Fiverr?

First of all, you can only use a computer or tablet using desktop mode on the web browser to create a gig successfully. The mobile app doesn’t allow the creation of gigs. You can only sign in and monitor your account development, and also, you can switch to buying and selling mode with the mobile.

Step 1: When you go to Fiverr’s website, sign up. You can use your Facebook, Gmail, or iCloud to easily sign up.

Step 2: Click on the switch to selling, then click on the gig

Step 3: Click on create a new gig

Step 4: Start your gig creation by brainstorming a creative gig title that is limited to 80 characters and must be persuasive and attractive (this would help your buyers easily skim and understand the kind of service you’re providing at a glance)

Step 5: Choose the category that relates to the service you want to offer. For example, if you offer email marketing services, your service category is digital marketing.

Step 6: Next, you would enter your search tags. This would help your buyers locate you easily, thus, use optimized search tags that would rank your gig higher in the Fiverr search algorithm.

Pro tip: Think of yourself as the buyer persona and imagine the kind of keywords your buyer would type in the search bar to display your gig. Also, you can research your buyer persona to know what influences their purchase decision. Input these keywords in the search tag, at least 5, to boost your services.

Step 7: Set your price. This is the fun part, you can set a minimum of $5 to $995 price tags with the services you will offer in the basic, standard, and premium options. You can also set extra charges for additional service. For example, shorter and faster delivery time, word count increase, number of revisions, and so on.

Step 8: Gig description and FAQs. Just like your gig title, your gig description is also important. This will show when your buyer clicks on your created gig, thus, it is an opportunity to explain further on your gig. The FAQs section should answer queries of your buyers as regards their needs.

Step 9: Set the requirements that you need from your buyers to ease your workflow.

Step 10: Upload photos and videos of your gig. For example a photo of your portfolio, a poster description of your gig with your image on the poster, a video of your previous work, and so on.

Now that you’re done creating your gig, you can check out the resources provided by Fiverr to help boost your gig. However, you will be ranked as a new seller as a beginner. Thus, completing gigs with a high level of satisfaction can increase your ranking. These are the higher rankings:

  • Level one seller
  • Level two seller
  • Top-rated seller

Visit the website now to sign up and start buying or selling!!!

Overview of SEOClerks

Fiverr Vs. SEOClerks

SEOClerks is an online marketplace where freelancers and online business owners interact to meet end means of revenue generation just like Fiverr but more. In my first research on the market platform, the results were not good. But I did more research to know if actually, this marketplace is worth my time and experience.

Interestingly, the bad reviews are due to the careless choice of service of scammy freelancers and the willingness to pay for cheap services that are often scams. Thus, in your research for work on SEOClerk, make sure you carefully choose your service provider, and also, some cheap services are worthwhile. You should ask for enough work samples to be convinced that it meets your satisfaction.

SEOClerk makes payment easy and safe for its users by providing different payment options for buyers and sellers, which is more than Fiverr. SEOClerks is well known for its very affordable SEO services as low as $1 per month compared to Fiverr.

What made SEOClerk so popular?

Fiverr Vs. SEOClerks

This question is very simple to answer. If you’re an online business entrepreneur you should know how important ranking is on online platforms. If you have a website or blog that provides services to satisfy your buyer personas, you would want to rank well in the Google search engine. Thus, SEOClerks play a very good role by providing reliable services to boost your business growth. They provide the following services:

  • Art design
  • Content and writing
  • Programming
  • Guest posting
  • Onsite SEO and research
  • Virtual assistant
  • Social network
  • Graphics and logos

You can also create jobs if your specific need is not listed in your search. SEOClerks also provides software that suits your computing needs, for example, plugins, WordPress, bots, and so on. All tools you need to grow your online business are at your disposal on SEOClerks.

How do SEOClerks work?

SEOCleIrks make it comfortable for buyers and sellers to get paid when an order is placed. After you have registered, and you place an order, you would be required to pay for the services. Now, you don’t have to worry because if the seller doesn’t deliver the paid service you will be refunded, this is to avoid scammy freelancers. The money you pay for the service will be held by a trusted third party on the platform until the order is completed and there is satisfaction from both parties (buyer and seller).

For a seller, you have to create a service to sell your skills. Something is interesting when creating your service for your buyer persona that creates trust between you and your buyer.

How to create a service on SEOClerks

For a better experience, use a computer or tablet for a better experience. Creating a service in SEOClerks is the same as creating a gig on Fiverr with just some additional features that make SEOClerks different.

Step 1: Go to the SEOClerks website and click on join. You will be required to fill in a unique username, email, and password. Then when you click on the signup button you will be sent a confirmation email to proceed

Step 2: Choose if you’re registering as a buyer or seller. Input your name and skill – this is for if you’re a seller

Step 3: Take your cursor to the sellers’ menu and sell to create a service.

SEOClerks will open a page with the following menu to fill in your information.

  • Overview
  • Pricing
  • Content
  • Required
  • Payment
  • Review

Overview: This is where you input a photo or video as a sample of your work or portfolio, services title, and categorize it

Pricing: this is where you input the price of your service with the description of the service you are offering the service. The difference between SEOClerks and Fiverr in this aspect is that you can add a discount, guarantees, coupons, and so on. This makes your pricing competitive and compelling. You can also set as low as $1 to $999 price tags with discounts and other incentives.

Content: this is the gig description of Fiverr. Here, you describe your service and add videos of samples (optional). You must describe your service so that buyers can understand what you’re offering.

Required: Simply, you state the materials and resources that you need to start the work. This would ease your workflow as a seller.

Payment: you’re required to connect the form of payment you prefer. For example, cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and so on. 

Review: This would display all the information for you to review your information before submitting it. You can also boost your service for a certain period with different subscriptions displayed in this section.

After submitting your service for listing, you will be ranked as a level 1 seller. Just like Fiverr, when you complete a certain amount of satisfactory orders, your rank will increase.

Wrap up

Choosing the right platform to freelance your skill is very important, as well as, choosing a freelancer to work with your business. It doesn’t end there; you must be authentic and proactive to be attractive and stand out in the freelance market. 

Don’t wait for too long, visit these marketplaces now!!!


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