WinkBed Review: Become a 1# Happy and Healthy Sleeper today.

Good sleep with WinkBed can maximize problem-solving skills and enhance memory. In contrast, poor sleep has been shown to impair brain function and decision-making skills.

Thus, what can cause poor sleep? Well, there are many reasons you have a poor night’s sleep, however, the most common is a poor choice of mattress. I will call a poor choice of mattress Bad Mattress.

How does a bad mattress influence your sleep?

WinkBed Review: Become a 1# Happy and Healthy Sleeper today.

  • You can experience back pain.
  • If you are a hot sleeper, the heat your body produces can make you uncomfortable as you sleep at night.
  • You won’t be comfortable with your natural sleeping posture.

So, what should you take into consideration when shopping for a good mattress?

  • Compatibility: When soaring for a good mattress make should you consider your kind of sleeping position and weight, then make sure they are compatible with the mattress you want to buy.
  • Durability: Make sure the mattress you choose guarantees a long-lasting experience and value for money. The longer your good mattress lasts the more productive you are in your day-to-day activities as a good sleep enhances brain function.
  • Comfortability: Check the materials used in making the mattress and the structure of the mattress you want to buy and ensure that they are eco-friendly and non-toxic. This makes you comfortable using the mattress and avoids allergic reactions. Comfort equals happiness so who doesn’t want to be happy?
  • Firmness option: Here, you would search for a good mattress with the firmness option (softness – hardness) that matches your sleeping position.
  • Noise: When checking for a good mattress make sure it is noiseless. Customers’ reviews would help you know if the mattress you are interested in is noiseless. You don’t want to experience noisy sounds while you’re trying to have a peaceful sleep.
  • Temperature Regulation: this is a recommended lookout for hot sleepers. A good mattress would help you have a good sleep by absorbing the heat and moisture from your body, in turn, it makes the mattress cool for you.
  • Company policy: Make sure you check the company’s policies as regards its shipping, returns, trial period, and warranty. Knowing this will enlighten you on the risk you are taking in the purchase of the mattress of your choice.

I would love to save you time and stress and make your happy sleeper dreams come true as I discuss in this article a trusted mattress by millions of customers, WinkBed. This is the outline for this product review:

  • What is WinkBed Mattress
  • Features of WinkBed Mattress
  • Design and Construction of WinkBed Mattress
  • How To Get Started with WinkBed Mattress
  • Pricing
  • Pros and Cons
  • FAQs

What is WinkBed Mattress?

WinkBed Review: Become a 1# Happy and Healthy Sleeper today.

WinkBed mattress is known as a flagship model of the WinkBed company. WinkBed on the other hand deals with sleeping materials like bed platforms, mattresses, and bed linen. Thus, WinkBed is a company that provides luxurious hybrid mattresses with plush pillow tops and ultra-supportive coil for a top-notch sleeping experience handmade in the USA.

There is more to WinkBed. WinkBed also provides bed frames, platforms, sheets, and linen to help you reduce the hassle of searching the internet for bedding materials. In other words, WinkBed is your bedroom solution whether you’re just moving into a new apartment, you want to change your mattress due to pains experienced in the duration of its usage, or lack of durability from your current mattress.

According to Forbes, WinkBed is a pressure-relieving mattress that lets you spread out comfortably while sleeping; also, Forbes recommends it for couples. Adding to this, WinkBed’s gel-infused foam limits motion transfer and relieves pressure points. 

Features of WinkBed mattress

WinkBed consists of multiple features that aid you in your sleeping experience and value for your money. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Warranty policy
  • Pain relief solution
  • Temperature control
  • Firmness options
  • Compatibility

Warranty policy: Unlike other mainstream mattresses, WinkBed guarantees a lifetime warranty. Interestingly, this means that you don’t have to purchase another mattress for life, isn’t this amazing? Through this, you save money, and also, there’s a low-risk warranty guaranteed when you purchase a WinkBed mattress. 

WinkBed also provides 120 sleeping days as a risk-free trial, afterwards, if you’re not comfortable with the product, you can return it for replacement with no hassle for free.

Also, WinkBed’s Duratech technology is responsible for the product’s durability and lifetime guarantee usage.

Adding to this, industry experts have approved the durability of the product due to the product’s construction and structure.

According to WinkBeds, “you will never flip a bed again”

Pain relief solution: Waking up from a proposed long and peaceful sleep with different body pain isn’t a fulfilled sleep. However, WinkBed helps you fulfill a happy, healthy, and vibrant sleep because they focus more on the wellness of their customers than being portrayed as a top mattress industry company. Thus, whenever you feel pain after sleeping make sure you purchase WinkBed

Further, the materials used in the production of this WinkBed mattress influence the firmness options that contribute to this pain relief solution.

Temperature control: WinkBed with its Third Layer Heat Disperse technology, provides a cooling experience for you. This technology removes heat and absorbs moisture from your body to provide a cool and good night’s sleep to the sleeper.

Firmness option: WinkBed provides different firmness options like Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and These options give you different solutions depending on the type of sleeping position category you fall into. Also, WinkBed is sized 13.5 inches in height with different structures which are built for your comfort.

  • The Softer model firmness is rated 4.5 out of 10. This option is suitable for side sleepers as well as those with lightweight. Its construction consists of an extra-plush Euro-pillow top with more pressure-relieving foam.
  • The Luxury Firm model is a multi-purpose hybrid mattress. It is suitable for all kinds of sleepers, and also, its firmness is rated 6.5. Its construction consists of a medium-firm Euro-pillow top that ensures your back. Hips and shoulders get both cushioning and support for comfort that lasts all night. This model is suitable for stomach sleepers.
  • The Firmer model is specially designed for those who want to sleep on top of the bed, not in the bed. Unlike the softer model, its firmness is rated 7.5. It also consists of a firmer euro-pillow top to support good sleep. Further, it is designed to be firm while relieving pressure points and maintaining a support firm feel, not as hard as a rock. Just like the luxury firm model, this model is also suitable for stomach sleepers.
  • The Plus model is designed for people with heavier weight which is from 250lbs and above. Its construction consists of high-density anti-sag foam and a latex support layer that maximizes heat transfer from the body.

Compatibility: This mattress is good for you if you are a combination sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, hot sleeper, or experience back pain whenever you wake. Thus, before you purchase a WinkBed mattress make sure you examine your sleeping experience properly. Thus, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my favorite sleeping position?
  • Does my body produce heat that makes me uncomfortable while sleeping sometimes?
  • Do I feel back pain anytime I wake up from sleep?

These questions will guide you to choose a WinkBed mattress that is suitable for you.

Design and Construction of WinkBed Mattress

WinkBed Review: Become a 1# Happy and Healthy Sleeper today.

The Winkbed mattress is made up of different build-ups and designs design and Construction of WinkBed Mattress that influence the height to be 13.5 inches. These different layer build-ups are responsible for your good and healthy sleep as they have their different functions. 

Now, the WinkBed mattress is made up of 4 layers:

  • The Euro Pillow Top makes up 2 inches of the mattress. It contains gel-infused foams that promote comfort and regulate the heat generated by the body.
  • The Tencel mattress cover improves your sleeping experience because of its fluffy and soft feel. This cover helps to relieve pressure and ensures cool sleep at night. 
  • The pocketed coils make up 7 inches of the mattress. This construct prevents the mattress from sagging.
  • The support layer provides ultimate firmness, pressure distribution, and pushback for greater support.

How to get started with WinkBed mattress

Fun fact: WinkBed mattress is a magical mattress. The magic behind this mattress makes setting up too easy, in other words, you don’t have to stress yourself setting up your bed. Thus, all you need is a suitable bed frame that sizes your mattress.

Now to start making your life comfortable with WinkBed mattress, you need to adhere to these easy setup steps:

Step 1: Examine your sleeping experience (sleeping position and weight)

Step 2: Go to the WinkBed website and place an order for the kind of mattress that suits your sleeping experience.

Step 3: Your order would be quickly delivered to you with the speed of lightning in a heavy cuboid-shaped package

Step 4: Carefully remove the mattress from the box, cut the wrapping sleeve, and place it on your bed frame

Now, this is where the magic starts. After you’ve placed the mattress on your frame, it magically increases to the size you ordered online. Thus, when this happens, you are done setting up your mattress, it’s time to experience a healthy and comfortable sleep at night with no hassle.

Pricing of WinkBed

Each firmness option: Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and, is available in the following sizes, dimensions and prices.

Size of WinkBed Mattress Dimension Price
Twin (75lbs) 13.5” x 38” x 75” $1149
Twin XL (85lbs) 13.5” x 38” x 80” $1249
Full (120lbs) 13.5” x 54” x 75” $1499
Queen (135lbs) 13.5” x 60” x 80” $1799
King (145lbs) 13.5” x 76” x 80” $1999
California King (145lbs)  13.5” x 72” x 84” $2049


Pros and Cons of WinkBed Mattress


  • It is suitable for all types of sleepers
  • It can accommodate heavier individuals
  • It helps improve your health with a good sleeping experience
  • It guarantees value for your money
  • It is very durable
  • It incorporates an extra edge supportive system
  • An excellent solution for back pain
  • The materials used for construction are eco friendly


  • It is not an option for low budget mattress shoppers
  • It’s not easy to move due to its heaviness
  • Motion transfer is less effective because it’s quite bouncy


How much is the shipping fee?

WinkBed mattress is shipping fee is free

How much does it cost to return the product?

There is no return fee. You can retire the product with the 120-day risk-free trial, if you’re not comfortable with the product and get a replacement fast

How long does the WinkBed mattress last?

WinkBed mattress is proposed to last for 7 to 10 years or more, because of the craftsmanship displayed in the design and structure of the mattress.

What sleeping position solution is the WinkBed mattress suitable for?

This mattress is suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions. All you have to do is pick the right one that suits your needs. It also solves the problem of back pain.



WinkBed Review: Become a 1# Happy and Healthy Sleeper today.

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