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Shift4shop Review: The Best Information You Need To Know

What would you do if you were given a free email marketing feature, affiliate program feature, SEO optimized domain name, SSL certificate, to operate your e-commerce store, as a new or existing online enterprise?

I wanted to ask you if you would love invaluable free features that would promote your e-commerce business, increase lead generation, and develop customers’ loyalty, but in my defense, I’ve never seen anyone who refused a gift that would benefit them in the long run.

Shift4shop offers these features for free to those who use Shift4shop as their e-commerce solution. Also, those mentioned features above are just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you want to generate huge sales of your products, while maintaining a seamless experience with your store clients?

Click here to check out the latest feature on Shift4shop 

In this article review, you shall be given insight into:

  • What are e-commerce solutions
  • What is Shift4shop
  • Features of Shift4shop
  • How to Use Shift4shop (easy set up)
  • FAQs

What are e-commerce solutions

E-commerce solutions are products and services provided to businesses willing to take their sales enterprise online. This business can be B2B and B2C companies that propose to open an e-commerce presence to make sales and interact with their customers.

Further, these solutions involve website building tools, web development software, online website development platforms, mobile app builder, customer support, secure payment tools, cataloging, domain name, hosting, and e-commerce platform.

Also, e-commerce solutions provide services that aid the idea of business conduction; hence, making online business owners manage and secure their business, promote growth, and provide seamless services to customers.

What is Shift4shop?

Shift4shop is a turnkey e-commerce solution that provides tools and services to the new and existing online store owner. Also, Shift4shop helps you create a well-developed customer-friendly marketplace where clients can buy and sell products, be it B2B or B2C e-commerce platforms.

However, Shift4shop was formerly known as 3Dcart – which was bought in November 2020 by a payment company Shift4 Payments.

Further, Shift4shop provides you with website building and marketing tools that would enable you to build a long-lasting impression on your customers whenever they visit your e-commerce site; also, ensure easy control and management of your online store.

Features of Shift4shop

Invaluable free features

Features like email marketing, affiliate program, SSL certificate, domain name, themes, which other online entrepreneurs pay for, you get it for free on Shift4shop.

Affiliate programs are the payment of commission to influencers for every sale they drive to your store. Also, this form of advertising is called Pay Per Action (PPA).

Moreover, as an e-commerce store owner, you should know that handling good email marketing and affiliate programs generate a huge amount of conversions and leads for your online store.

Adding to this, you should know that email marketing is mainly used to generate leads, nurture leads, sell, and maintain customer loyalty.

Therefore, offering these sale generators for free is what you shouldn’t miss out on, since you’re considering opening an e-commerce store Shift4shop.


No one wants to invest in a platform that is not secure. As an investor, you would want to ensure the e-commerce solution you patronize is Safe and secure for both your customers and business, in terms of payment and delivery of products.

Shift4shop is Level 1 PCI compliant; hence, you don’t have to worry about the security of your enterprise-sensitive data because it’s already guaranteed.

Return guarantee is a means of securing your customers’ trust therefore, shift4shop provides a built-in Return Merchandise Authorization system (RMA) to handle return policies.

Further, Shift4shop includes DDoS  attack protection and litigation to improve your e-commerce store security

DDoS is a Denial-of-service, which makes resources available to its users temporarily or indefinitely by disrupting the service of the host connected to a network.

Hence, you don’t want your customers to experience this problem as they shop in your online store, this is why Shift4shop got you covered.

Affordable price

Shift4shop prices are affordable for Non-US merchants. After payment, you’ll appreciate the value for money experience Shift4shop gives you.

  • The basic plan allows up to $100,000 in online sales annually
  • The plus plan allows up to $250,000 in online sales annually
  • The pro plan allows up to $1 million in online sales annually

Therefore, these paid plans limit the amount of revenue to be acquired.

However, for US merchants it is free for life coupled with a premium e-commerce solution.


Search Engine Optimization is very critical in e-commerce. Companies spend millions to ensure that their e-commerce store is SEO optimized. Also, 37.5% of all traffic to e-commerce sites comes from searches.

Now, Shift4shop provides themes, web designs, the domain name (URL), and templates that are mobile-friendly and SEO optimized.

I’ve grown from $250,000 to multiple 7-figures, and I did it with this platform. I chose them because the SEO is killer, they don’t nickel and dime you with apps and add-ons, and it’s flexible enough to run serious e-commerce- Kevin Canning, Pearlsofjoy.com

In other words, the SEO tools and assistance provided by Shift4shop are something to write home about. Also, it generates a lot of traffic and conversion to your e-commerce store.

Makes your e-commerce store unique

The brain can filter cliché events and views, in other words, new features accelerate the dopamine and enhance curiosity from your customers.

Thus, it gives you unlimited features to ensure that your store is unique and attractive to your customers with every visit.

Not easy to use

Due to the multiple free features provided by Shift4shop, it makes usability technical for e-commerce store owners. However, it gets easy when properly understood.

Limited to few online entrepreneurs

Shift4shop is limited to only freelancers and small businesses. Contrary to some e-commerce stores, mid-size businesses and large enterprises are not compatible with using Shift4shop as an e-commerce solution.

Platform supported

Unlike some e-commerce stores like Shopify, Shift4shop only supports a website platform, not Android or iPhone/iPad.

In other words, your clients would only be able to access your e-commerce store through the website only.

Blogging tool

Shift4shop provides excellent blogging tools coupled with free email marketing to generate leads and increase sales.

Customer Support

Shift4shop provides 24/7 customer and technical support to you, their client, just as your online store is active 24/7, 365 days. This customer support service provides you with guidance and direction on your queries.

Despite this feature, few users still complain about the poor customer support systems. This is due to a lack of understanding of how Shift4shop works and how to utilize the multiple features. However, don’t be afraid, there is a solution towards the end of this article.

Easy content restoration

This platform makes it easy to restore content on your e-commerce store without losing data. Also, they use Cloudflare to ensure that your e-commerce pages load fast. Thus, this would give your customers a seamless experience.

Customer Relation Management

Shift4shop is loyal to you and your e-commerce store customers. Hence, they provide CRM tools for effective customer and inventory management.

Also, it allows you the flexibility to create customer discounts, loyalty reward programs, gift certificates, and much more.

Further, CRM tools provided by this turnkey e-commerce solution aim at improving your customers’ experience. Consequently, An excellent customer experience equates to a huge ROI.

Also, these tools ensure that your customers’ sensitive details are secure and promote enthusiastic usage of your e-commerce product services when well implemented.

Comprehensive e-commerce Blog

Moreover, it provides a comprehensive blog that educates you on how to increase sales and improve customer loyalty

Thus, whenever you need help with sales growth, customer support systems, writing a great product copy, email marketing insights, and much more, their blog resources are free and ready to improve and develop your online business.

How to Use Shift4shop

This video would quickly guide you on how to easily set up and start making sales.

Is Shift4shop free?

Yes, it is, for only US merchants. Thus, as a Non-US merchant, you would have to pay $29/month or more depending on your desire to access the multiple features of Shift4shop. Also, I guarantee you it’s worthwhile.

Why should I use Shift4shop?

Despite its few setbacks, Shift4shop is the future of e-commerce solutions. Further, they have gone mainstream to the extent that they are being compared with Shopify and WordPress as a competitor.

Also, this software is a low-cost investment that would enable you to generate huge ROI using their free tools of SEO and marketing.

Why should I invest in e-commerce solutions?

First of all, COVID-19 has changed the way the world co-exists. People don’t go to stores unless they are well protected. Hence, an e-commerce solution would help you assure the safety of your customers, health-wise, and it is cheaper than opening a brick-and-mortar store.

Also, the lockdown era has made customers convenient to order products online. Now, customers prefer to order products online rather than go to a store to get them. Thus, this is where e-commerce comes in.

Thus, investing in a turnkey e-commerce solution like Shift4shop would make you participate actively in this trillion-dollar industry (e-commerce solution).

Does Shift4shop offer an API?

Yes, API is available on Shift4shop


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