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ClickMeter Review: 1 # Best software To Analyze Your Data

ClickMeter Review

What is ClickMeter all about?

ClickMeter is a web-based solution that lets you manage all of your marketing (affiliate) and social media links in one location. You may use this service to track both clicks and, more importantly, conversions. You can either put a pixel on the merchant’s site or use the more commonly used post-back method. The service allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of integrating and extending features to meet your specific requirements.

Do you still have doubts about ClickMeter? Here are some of its advantages

  • It’s one of the Easiest Affiliate Tracking Programs to Use: 

It’s one of the easiest affiliate tracking services to use in general. It has functions that are easy to understand and it gives you easy access.

Powerful Reporting: 

Click Meter’s data can be displayed in a variety of ways. You may also import data into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel using its API and CSV files. It reports data in diverse ways so you won’t be limited to a specific way.

Powerful API: 

If you’re a super affiliate, you’re probably accessing their best feature by using its API. Webhook feature allows you to extend the functionality and interface with third-party services (ClickMeter calls this a “piggyback”) and you can also try it out.

There are a plethora of redirection options available: 

You may run A/B testing and redirect by country and device. If you need a redirection, this software is more than likely to have it.

Now, we are about to dive deeply into the main use of ClickMeter and the procedures required to use it effectively. At the end of this, I’m sure you will also see why this is a must for you to have if you are into affiliate marketing.

Conversion Tracking with ClickMeter

Super affiliates understand how important it is to track products to be successful. Conversions are tracked as if they were my products in my strategy. As a result, conversion tracking is the most crucial aspect of ClickMeter. It allows you to track and manage affiliate links in one location.

Google Analytics does not allow you to track conversions. That service is also ineffective for click tracking. This is because, while Google Analytics allows you to track per click, its tracking methodology is based on JavaScript, thus it isn’t perfect. To acquire a report on each conversion, you’ll need a program like ClickMeter.

Unlike what people think, tracking conversions is as simple as these three steps:

  • Creating a sub-ID with a unique server-to-server ID
  • In ClickMeter, you may make a conversion tag.
  • Adding a postback conversion code to the merchant’s affiliate system

Having understood how things work on ClickMeter, we can proceed to what many people see as an obstacle: the pricing. However, just let me to you. ClickMeter has the best pricing you can ever imagine with the services they offer.

Pricing for ClickMeter

ClickMeter Review

ClickMeter, like most Software as a Service (SaaS), costs a monthly fee. Annual savings are available, however. You receive two months free when you join up for a 12-month subscription. You receive six months free if you pay for 24 months in advance. The cheapest monthly subscription costs $19.

Price Events Datapoints Storage Domains
$19/mo 5,000 500 1 year 1
$29/mo 25,000 2,500 1 year 1
$49/mo 50,000 5,000 1 year 1
$99/mo 200,000 20,000 2 years 10
$119/mo 300,000 30,000 2 years 10
$149/mo 500,000 50,000 2 years 10
$199/mo 1,000,000 100,000 2 years 10
$349/mo 2,000,000 200,000 3 years 100
$449/mo 3,000,000 300,000 3 years 100
$649/mo 5,000,000 500,000 3 years 100


As you can see, ClickMeter includes solutions for everyone, from beginners to enterprise customers. For the most part, I recommend starting with the cheapest plan and working your way up as your needs change. This way, you will get to unravel the great benefits of ClickMeter.

Nevertheless, I guess it will be bad of me if I only talk about the great aspect of ClickMeter without actually talking about some aspects that you may feel isn’t up to par. However, to clarify this, the main purpose of ClickMeter is to track conversions, but some people may expect more from the website which is why it will be elaborated on below.

The following are some of the things that are expected of the website but aren’t part of the main agenda of the website upon creation:

Doesn’t Track UTM Codes

ClickMeter doesn’t support tracking UTM parameters out of the box, this functionality is not part of the setup of the website. You can, however, construct this functionality using its custom variables.

Setting Up Server-to-Server Conversion Tracking Can Be Confusing 

While ClickMeter is powerful, setting up server-to-server conversion tracking can be difficult if not done with total patience. To automate this process, ClickMeter needs to support more affiliate networks.

Documentation that is out of date

Minor annoyances exist in the documentation and setup (for example, there is no mention of SSL support for the post-back link).

  • ClickMeter does not offer a WordPress plugin to integrate with its service. Like it was stated at the beginning, this is not part of the functions that were designed for the website.
  • No Way to Block Google Link

There’s no way to block Google links and because of this, it’s not a good idea to put ClickMeter links in the wild. I recommend building a reflection page on your site that hides your affiliate links and prevents Google from crawling them. This way, you will be less humiliated by unwanted Google links that may pop up on the website.

Landing Pages Aren’t Available

Unlike competitors like Voluum, ClickMeter doesn’t offer landing page capability. However, I would like to use a specialized service that better provides that capability, in my opinion. So if you also want a landing page, you can also use a specialized service to make things easier for yourself on the website.

Except for all these things that have been highlighted above, I can say with total confidence that ClickMeter is one of the best websites to use for both conversion and tracking of clicks.

However, if you feel you need something much deeper than what ClickMeter offers, the next section will highlight the fee of all other alternatives you can use. They have been tested and trusted so you can rest assured.

Alternatives to ClickMeter

If ClickMeter isn’t what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other options to consider. Below are a few of them:

Name WP Plugin Conversion Tracking Starting Price
AAWP Yes No $39
ClickMagick No Yes $27/month
Improvely No Yes $29/month
Lasso Yes No $19/month
LinkTrackr No Yes $17/month
Pretty Links Pro Yes No $59/year
ThirstyAffiliates Pro Yes No $49/year
Voluum No Yes $69/month


If you were given the chance to choose, I’m sure ClickMagick is the only feasible alternative even from your perspective. However, it lacks some of the essential capabilities that it provides so ClickMeter is still the best. If you had to choose between ClickMeter and ClickMagick, I bet you would go with ClickMeter because of the benefits embedded in it that cannot be found in ClickMagick.

ClickMagick lacks a public API (application programming interface) and a webhook (dubbed a “piggyback” by ClickMeter) for integrating with other services like Woopra. Whereas, It also supports custom variables that you may use to track data that are essential to you. Those are elements that you should require in your link management system as a super affiliate. So I’m sure you can also specify the best out of the two websites.


ClickMeter is the best affiliate tracking solution can find with these great attributes. Not only do I suggest it for you, but I’ve also been using it on this blog and for my customers for years. However, that isn’t to claim that ClickMeter is without flaws. 

The best analogy is ClickMeter being the best horse in the glue factory. There are some features and functions that could be made more user-friendly. However, this service is currently the most user-friendly link tracking service.

It cannot monitor conversions back to the source of traffic out of the box. You’ll need to expand its capabilities, ideally through custom programming. That’s why you will have to use the service’s API to improve the service functionality and provide some complementary add-ons.

Do you feel this website is overhyped? Are you already having the urge to try it out? The stop resisting the urge, try out ClickMeter today to also benefit from its great advantages!


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