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Jungle Scout Review: The 1# Powerful Tool For Amazon Research

What is Jungle Scout exactly?

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that helps you find winning products, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

It instantly shows you what products will be the most profitable and easiest to grow your business with. It was founded by Greg Mercer in 2014, the year that marks the divide between the Amazon research “Dark Ages” and the modern “Renaissance.”

You don’t know why jungle scout is so important? Here are the reasons why jungle scout shouldn’t be excluded from your day to day operations

We all know how making money is these days, making a profit requires a long time contribution and hard work. However, that’s not all, in addition to working hard, patience shouldn’t be excluded. 

Now imagine having to go through all these whenever you need urgent money, how frustrating can that be? I’m sure at such a moment, all that will be going through your brain is how you wish you can make the amount you need in a short time.

So what if you know this is possible? This is the main idea behind Jungle scout; a combination of both speed and power. Do you now see the reason why jungle scouts shouldn’t be underestimated, it should be the central part of your day-to-day living.

Jungle scout helps to save you time for your project while setting you up for long-term success. This may seem unrealistic but you wouldn’t know until you try it out yourself. And if happens to be true, which I’m 100% sure it is, imagine the gravity of what you will be losing if you decide not to try it out.

To understand more about Jungle Scout, let’s check out some of its features. Jungle Scout is useful for the following:

Product tracking

We all can guess what product tracking means even from its name. Product tracking means that a product or a commercial item can be located at any time, including information on when and where, and by whom the goods or product parts were obtained, manufactured, processed, stored, transported, used, or disposed of.

Product Tracker is the quickest and simplest way to turn any product (T-shirts, Luxury bags, Medicine, Wine, Shoes, Perfume bottles, Car spare parts, Video Games, Cigarettes, and so on) into a Smart Product, hence increasing the product’s lifetime value. You may view a product’s wholesales history with Product Tracker.

You still don’t understand how advantageous Jungle Scout is? Imagine yourself trying to get a new good that you know nothing about. You love it but you don’t know if your gut feeling is right. Your mind and heart want it but your brain is telling you that the goods may be faulty. Imagine how conflicting that can be.

However, if you’re using Jungle Scout, you won’t have to feel conflicted like that because of the product tracking feature of this website. All you have to do is place the goods you feel conflicted about in the product tracker and you can view the whole history of the goods. What can be more assuring about the reviews people have on the goods?

Niche hunting

This is simple, and it is one of the greatest features of Jungle Scout. Niche hunting, just like its name implies, is about knowing the best niche for you. Surfing through Amazon can be time and data-consuming, so Jungle Scout has made this less problematic by creating a niche hunter for everyone who wants access to it.

Niche Hunter simplifies the product research process by breaking it down into three steps for locating a high-potential Amazon product. Step 1: Go on a product hunt. Step 2: Examine your item. Step 3: Plan out your product.

How easy is that? All you have to do is have the idea of what you want, Jungle Scout will handle the rest for you until you get your desired product.

Product database

I’m sure we don’t need the genius to tell us how jam-packed Amazon can be. There are a lot of goods to be sold on Amazon, and just looking at everything can be so frustrating since you know you aren’t going to get all of them, all you want to do is get something useful for yourself without actually having to go through the whole website.

However, you actually can’t do anything about this because that is how Amazon was designed, you have to go through every product in detail for you to know what you want to buy. But things can be easier with Jungle Scout’s product database.

Jungle Scout’s product database contains over 70 million products from the Amazon catalog. The most amazing part of it is that the product database has a filter you can filter away all the unwanted goods Amazon presents to you. The filter will inspire you on what to buy and it will direct you to the category of that product. It will also help you to choose the most common criteria with the best products feedback.

For example, if you’re aiming for products with an average price of $350 and 4-star ratings, you can see every product on Amazon that matches those criteria in seconds. All you have to do is fill in the information about the goods you want in the product database and Jungle Scout will complete the mission for you.

Keyword scout

Do you have the perfect picture of what you want to buy in your head without actually knowing what it is called? Do you know all the other information about the product you want but you missed the most important thing which is the name? Or do you know the name of the product you want but there’s a lot of it on Amazon and you don’t know how to go about it? If you are in any of these categories, dissipate your worries because this is the easiest for Jungle Scouts.

Jungle Scout has a special feature known as keyword scout that will help you to derive the best keyword for your desired goods. All you need to do is input as minimal information as possible in the keyword scout segment and Jungle Scout will load all the goods you desire for you on Amazon.

Relevancy score

The relevance of a term to your original search is shown by this score. If you know your niche/product well, this isn’t useful. However, if you’re still learning, you can occasionally pick up a synonym, a slang phrase, or any random jargon to beef up your listing and improve your listing quality score. This will help you to go straight to the category you want on Amazon without actually beating around the bush before getting there.

What is the cost of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout Review

The cost of Jungle Scout is initially perplexing. The web app, the Chrome extension, and the combo package are all available. And the cost varies depending on whether you pay monthly or annually. Oh, and it varies depending on the number of confirmed monthly orders you receive. Isn’t this a lot of fun?

But, upon closer inspection, it’s not quite so perplexing. It’s just not as simple as some of the other tools available. I’ll quickly break it down for you. If you merely want to look at the plans and sign up for a free trial, go to Jungle Scout’s price page.

The Fundamentals

If you’re debating whether or not you need Jungle Scout, chances are you’re not currently processing thousands of orders every month. As a result, I’ll merely stick to the fundamentals (0-500 orders a month).

Jungle Scout: Monthly – $49/month | Yearly – $39/month

Chrome Extension: Monthly – $39/month | Yearly – $19/month

Package: If you buy both together (and you should), you save big. Monthly – $69/month | Yearly – $49/month.

But there’s a catch

The Amount You Pay Is Determined by the Number of Confirmed Orders…

The more you sell, the more Jungle Scout costs. I don’t think it’s very fair, but I don’t want to design my own Amazon product research engine, so I don’t have an option.

NOTE: The cost of the Chrome add-on is fixed.

For the package deal ONLY, below are the several payment options (monthly | yearly):

501 – 2,000: $89/month | $59/month

2,001 – 5,000: $119/month | $79/month

5,0001 – 10,000: $219/month | $139/month

10,001 +: $419/month | $259/month

Jungle scout pro chrome extension

The Jungle Scout Pro Extension is a product research and evaluation tool that integrates with your browser and provides a cool icon for you to click whenever you need to conduct quick product research.

Essentially, the Chrome extension is nothing more than a JS web app extension. Do you follow what I’m saying? It allows you to easily add products for tracking, check basic statistics for each product, view price, predict monthly sales, study and export keywords, and even look at Google Trends data.

Now, do you still think Jungle Scout is not worth your money after all these great delicacies that are embedded in it? You can be the judge of that!!!



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